10 Updates For The Pow To Your Home!

10 Updates For The Pow To Your Home!

Sometimes a simple change can go a long way. I've had many buyers walk into spaces that are not fully renovated and the buyer is loving how crisp it feels, and the updates. When really it is just simple paint, floors, and new handles everywhere. I've had multiple couples argue against one another on properties they each like. Old verses new, but the old is giving a run for the money! I have also had multiple clients where I've made suggestions to help easily transform their tired space. Getting it ready to list, and put more money back in their pockets!

1) Cabinets & Cabinet Doors

Obviously a key piece to a home are the cabinets throughout. Kitchens, bathrooms, laundry, bars.... Dirty, dingy, outdated, and damaged cabinets can be a real eye sore. However, there are ways to breathe new life into old if replacement is not desired, or an option. A careful coat of paint or stain can transform the look and knock years off. Hate that the yellow oak look is from the 90s? Change the colour. Cabinet boxes are in great shape but the doors are the issue and color is not it? Try replacing only the doors, or even give them an open look and go doorless, yes doorless! I've seen clean painted cabinet box's with the doors blown off, wallpaper added to the back wall of the cabinets and dishes organized and exposed, your guessing is it old or new? I've seen rows of cabinets with certain doors removed and a rod added to each shelf for a guard rail. Even a simple change of the hardware such as handles on the doors and drawers can really transform the look from old to newer. You can also go to many cabinets stores and ask them for cash and carry cabinets options. These are cabinets that are often less in cost and already pre-built ready for the DIY.

2) Countertops

Often a full kitchen or bathroom renovation can easily get you up there in cost. However when cabinets still have life left in them. Often a new countertop is the facelift needed, taking years off the space. Counters too are a key piece of a home, as they are primary spaces we use daily. Shopping your local suppliers for slabs of stone, looking on marketplace or kijiji can be ways to uncover reduced cost of expensive product over your hardware store. There's also many options from stone, to laminate, to wood so options for different budgets. Simple inexpensive butcher block from your local hardware store or from places like Ikea can be an inexpensive way to transform that basic laundry room into a laundromat haven!

3) Backsplash 

Far to often over looked is this little piece of square footage. Smaller piece of square footage means less product = less material cost. There are many different options out there for one to take their backsplash to the next level, and remove the tired look. Even if it's a simple basic color tile, adding a nice current tile can renew the space. Or be the addition of a light pattern your looking for.

4) Flooring 

Flooring, flooring, flooring. One of the largest square footages so the cost is often there when one wants to update or replace. However, floors are often one of the items that you get a good majority of your investment back. As well floors can transform a space even when everything else in that space is still old. Damaged and old floors bare intense buyer scrutiny. So sometimes replacing them is the best for money in your pocket. I have had multiple listings where the feedback is price is good but floors need replacing. Seller doesn't want to replace so lowers the price to reflect the cost of floors. Many times I've seen the $10,000 cost for replacement become a $15,000 buyer depreciation!

5) Paint & Mud 

Big one! Paint instantly transforms the space and can set the mood. The old dirty dinged up walls are now smoothed over with mud. A fresh coat of paint can cover the years/decades of life, dirt, and exposure making all new again. Yes a pain in the butt to do, however if you are careful and patient. You can save lots of money by doing this easy task on your own, and it offers a big return on investment! Hate painting? while there are more inexpensive options. I find if you just take your time and plan your paint / clean up, it helps make it a little bit better. As once a spill happens often the feel of panic or chaos can easily follow! Make sure you lay out the plastic cover and have "multiple" wet rags near for any spills as you go. For sure a rewarding feeling after you finish painting and clean up and put everything back in place!

6) Window Treatments 

Material and placement can easily set the time period of your home. Windows naturally draw our eyes to them. So being it material or shades that frame your windows. Paying attention to this little aesthetic detail can really help achieve a renewed feel. There are many different options available for all budgets. Simple repurposing and repositioning existing rods can be an easy way to save money and create a new look. When placing the curtain rod you should be placing the rod roughly 1-3 inches below the ceiling or crown molding and 8-12 inches above the window, or find the split between the distances you have. With less distance from the ceiling, and more distance from the window. This placement creates an illusion that the ceilings are taller and more grand. You should also use a rod that extends out past the windows if possible. That way when your curtains are open they are not blocking the window.

7) Wallpaper & Accent Walls

Adding some detail can really be art for the home. A tasteful beautiful wallpaper when its not everywhere can be a great way to make a space stand out. Simple placement of inexpensive wood trims in whatever geometric pattern you like and a coat of paint can transform the basic wall into an accent feature in the home.

8) Lights

Camera, action! Lights like windows and their treatments, draw in our attention. They light up the space when we turn them on. They come in different shapes, sizes. Some hang down commanding a view, while others are simple and finely recessed into the ceiling. They can be used as statement pieces focusing on our dining tables, our kitchen islands, fireplaces, our stairways, and our entries. Light fixtures can easily set the mood, so paying attention to how they look, and also how they light up is important. Fixture looks good but lighting just feels off? Add a dimmer switch and make sure the bulb is a white or yellow that you like! Can't afford to update the fixture or don't know how to? There are many options available on all budgets. Not wanting to replace but want to repurpose? Remove the bulb and paint the fixture a current color your after. Check the shade and how it attaches to see if there is options to replace just the shade around the bulb instead of replacing the whole fixture. You can often find option online and in hardwares. 

9) Mudroom

A mudroom of any sort at an entry can add warmth to a space as well as great purpose. There are many cost effective ways to achieve this. A seat, shelf, hooks, color can be all you need. You can buy expensive pieces made custom for the space, buy premade units online, or create your own design. I've seen simple and creative ideas. A great piece I saw was a client flipped over the their Ikea book-shelving unit on its side, so its now a rectangle on the ground. They lined it with nice cushion on top. Added a painted wood board against the wall behind it with hooks, and a floating shelve on the top. Did I know it was a couple hour weekend project? Nope!

10) Built Ins

These can sometimes add to the space or feel like to much leaving the owner wondering what to do and if they should rip it out. However removing these amazing pieces of woodwork may not always be the best route. Sometimes a new color, staged or repurposed in a different way can be all it needs. I've seen to many old wood builtins removed and now an empty space the owners are looking to try to fill. However I've seen so many amazing repurposed ideas over my years. As a realtor I love seeing the amazing parts of real estate and have been privileged to see some really neat things. For builtins I've seen sanded and stripped, re-staining with rich colors and a brand new look. Lights added to certain shelves to create certain focal points on dinnerware and art. I've seen shelving disconnected but then reconnected using very visible iron piping for connections, adding a rustic look. One I remember that stood out was a wine cellar. The wood was refinished to look new, lighting added, some shelving removed and replaced by wine racking, and a glass enclosing wall with doors creating the enclosed look.


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